Hyperloop Experience Design


With Hyperloop, Elon Musk aims to revolutionize travel technology. Moving at 700 mph, it would transport people from SF to LA in just 30 minutes! Our challenge was to design experience strategy for this new mode of travel.

Duration: 6 weeks (Dec 2015)
Contributors: Kristine Yuen, Brett Moody
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Hand Sketching, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator


We started our research with understanding the technology and design behind Hyperloop and how it would affect lives in mega cities.   To understand this better we investigated different modes of transportation in Bay Area like Bus, Bart, Caltrain, Muni, Amtrak and alike.

We collected data through 9 interviews, 5 cultural probes, 4 environmental observation researching existing innovative systems like Hong Kong Subway System and Double Decker elevators. 

On Synthesizing the data from our research, we generated three prime user personas and the experience map.  


The User

Amongst these personas we identified our primary user as the Super commuter, who travels more than 180 miles every day for work and values Productivity, Privacy and Time. Our User is someone who is very Tech Savvy and is multi tasking while traveling. To design the experience for someone like Carrie, our process was guided by three principles. 

Unburdening through Autonomy
Conveying information in Ambient way
Providing Comfort

Further in the process,  we narrowed our work scope to     5 Key touchpoints which would define the user's experience in the the journey. 


The Experience

For each of the 5 touchpoints, we created unique design solutions that were guided by our principles with an aim to provide a seamless experience to the user. Throughout the experience, we worked towards created minimum friction points and maintaining a consistent experience for the user.

We designed with a purpose of bringing humanity back in the process of traveling. We emphasized on a holistic experience with use of sensory to guide user to their destinations and enjoying the experience while making the journey. 


The App for IPad


The Service Blueprint and The User Flow