Union Bank Investment App for millennials


To encourage financial investment behavior and financial literacy amongst the millennials through an investment app. 


Investment App Mockup Watch.jpg
Duration: 2 Weeks (May2016)
Tools: Coding (Framer JS), Sketch


Through research and 5 user interviews; I learned that Millennials have little to no savings to invest due to large debts mostly student debts. It is hard for them to invest large amounts especially on a monthly basis, also they consider it to be a hustle to have to manually  select the companies they would be interested to invest in with little to no financial market knowledge. The entire process is overwhelming, specially to someone who is starting  out and they often drop out the process. As per CNBC only 20% millennials invest in stocks even tough they have high paying jobs compared to earlier generations. 


After creating a User Persona, I dived into ideation using the process of crazy 8s. Making quick wireframes, helped me in generating more ideas and a wider variety of concepts. Later I dived deeper into creating detailed user flows and interaction that would enable a first time user to invest into desired investment portfolio, without being overwhelmed with the information waves out there. My goal was to help the user in gaining better financial literacy and taking small steps towards a better financial health. 


For my inspiration, I created a mood board which guided my visual decisions and the feel of the app. I gravitated towards, a bold, crisp look with one focal point per interaction which would enable the users to have a clear and definitive task flow.

Minimalist, Bold and Speed were my three guiding principles in the process. I worked towards reducing noise and information burden using hierarchy, line weights, type and color. I used dark backgrounds with accent colors to emphasize on the core functionality. 


With 3 rounds of user testing in a week, I gained a lot of useful insights and developed the interface using iterative process. 


I Created a quick prototype of the app using FramerJS to better communicate and test the desired user interactions.